About air coolers

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Air coolers are widely used in hydraulic stations, CNC machine tools, engineering machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery, plastic machinery, metallurgical machinery, shipbuilding industry, etc., to reduce fluid temperature solutions for hydraulic systems and lubrication systems.

At present, the widely used air coolers at home and abroad are made of aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity. The fluid passage and air passage are advanced plate-fin structure, the core is vacuum brazed, and the fluid passage is internally finned. sheet. Compared with the traditional copper tube type, the heat exchange area per unit volume is greatly improved, which is 10-20 times that of the conventional copper tube type structure, and the heat exchange efficiency is particularly good. It is often used as an auxiliary part of the hydraulic transmission system to cool the hydraulic oil to obtain the normal working temperature (range) of the hydraulic oil, improve the stability of the hydraulic system and the service life of the components.