Hydraulic Cooler

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Hydraulic Coolers are commonly used in industrial and mobile applications for cooling a single fulid,like hydraulic,diesel,oil.

When oil enters the cooler:cool,more viscos oil flows through the cooler by pass,air temperature stays cool when the oil is cool;warm,less viscous oil flows only through the cooler core,air drawn through the cooler drops oil temperature,which increases hydraulic efficiency and extends oil and hydraulic components lifetime.

Hydraulic Fan Oil Cooler

Oil Flow up to 1000Lpm

Equipped with electric motor(12volts,24volts,220volts,380volts),hydraulic fan oil cooler is designed to achieve best cooling effect with 35bar dynamic rated pressure.

hydraulic oil cooler with fan

Hydraulic Oil Cooler with Fan

hydraulic fan coolers

Air Oil Cooler with Fan


Air Oil Coolers

Hydraulic Motor Oil Cooler

Designed with 35bar dynamic rated pressure,hydraulic motor oil cooler is composed of hydraulic gear motor,high strength fan blades and tightly structured high-efficiency fin.

hydraulic motor oil cooler

Hydraulic Motor Oil Cooler

oil cooler with hydraulic motor

Oil Cooler with Hydraulic Motor

hydraulic cooler with hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Cooler with Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic coolers are widely used for different applications,including:

•Hydraulic power units

• Lubrication systems
• Hydraulic presses
• Wind power
• Plastics machinery
• Oil and gas
• Aerial Lift Equipment
• Agriculture Machinery
• Construction Equipment
• Forestry Equipment
• Material Handling Equipment
• Turf Equipment
• Vocational Equipment and Special Use Work Vehicles

Hydraulic Cooler Specifications:

  • Flow:50~1000Lpm

  • Structure Material: Metal Material

  • Type: Fan driven cooler,Motor driven cooler

  • Style: Plate

  • Heat Transfer Surface: Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Test: 100% Passed

  • Service: ODM OEM

  • Keyword: Hydraulic Coolers,cooler,oil cooler

  • Principle: Hydraulic coolers

  • Core: Aluminum Heat Exchanger

  • Application: Coolers

  • Recuperative Heat Exchanger Type: Plate Fin

  • Name:Hydraulic Coolers

  • Color: Black or Yellow

  • Technique Method: Brazed/Welding

  • Warranty:1 year

  • Max temperature:150℃

  • Structure: Plate and Bar

  • Product Features:Lightweight and Compact

Model NoThreadedFlow                 l/minPressure   MpaFan   power WApplicabel   Motor powerHeat   transfer
AH0608TPT 3/4 “602.5380.75-2.2kw (1-3Hp)0.9
AH0608TLPT 3/4 “602.5761.5-3.0kw (2-4Hp)1.5
AH0610TG1/2″502.538W0.75-2.2kw (1-3Hp)1.3
HD0810TPT 3/4 “602.5653.0kw (4HP)1.3
AH1012TG 1″1002.5805-7.5kw (7.5-10Hp)3.2
AH1417TG 1″1202.51007.5kw (10HP)4.5
AH1418TG 1″1502.52407.5kw (10HP)5.8
HD1490T1G1 1/4″2002.515011-15kw (15-20Hp)9.3
AH1680TG1 1/2″2502.511018kw (25Hp)11.3
HD1492TG1/2″2502.524018kw (25Hp)11
HD1618TPT 1 “1502.524011kW (15HP)8.9
HD1690TG1 1/2″2502.520022kw (30hp)14
HD1861TG1 1/2″3002.548030-37kw (40-50Hp)16.5
HD2095TG1 1/2″3502.550037kW (50hp)19
 AH2390TG1 1/2″ 450 2.5 640 50Kw(68hp)28
 HD6042 G 2″ 600 2.580075KW (100hp)42

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