Air Oil Cooler HD1490T1

Air Oil Cooler HD1490T1
Product Details

Air oil coolers are used in a wide range of applications for machine tools and special machinery, engineering, mobile machinery, ports, marine machinery, automotive manufacturing, metallurgical equipment, wind power, electrical equipment, mining, tunnel machinery, hydraulics, lubrication systems (hydraulic stations, deceleration Machine), engine water tank and other fields.

Air oil cooler advantages: 

Air cooling, environmental protection, energy saving, low operating cost; 

Compact structure, large heat exchange area, high heat transfer efficiency; 

Easy installation, simple operation; 

High working pressure, long life; 

Can be used for oil return cooling, venting Oil cooling and independent circulation cooling.

Technical Data:

  • Flow:50~200liter/min

  • Max pressure:25bar

  • Max temperature:for oil 120℃

  • Standard ambient temperatures:-20℃ to +40℃

  • Fan drives:AC fan motor,DC fan motor,Hydraulic motor




  • Offshore machinery

  • Wind Power

  • Hydraulic excavators

  • Hydraulic cranes

  • Road rollers

Air Oil Cooler for Construction Machinery

Air Oil Cooler for Construction Machinery

Air Oil Cooler for Engineering Machinery

Air Oil Cooler for Engineering Machinery

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